Google's Pixel 6 Likely Using An ARM GPU

Google Pixel 6 CAD render 4

Google really seems to be pulling out all of the stops for the Pixel 6 this year. And a recent mention noted on the Google Issue Tracker, indicates that the Pixel 6 will be using an ARM GPU – notably the Mali-G78. Which is the same GPU that is used in the Exynos-powered Galaxy S21.

This means that Google is using this ARM GPU inside its own Whitechapel chipset, that is supposedly debuting on the Pixel 6 later this year. This is a really big deal actually, as it is likely going to be more powerful than the Galaxy S21. Which is definitely the most powerful phone launched in 2021, so far.

It is worth remembering that this GPU does come in a few different flavors. So it could end up being the same as what the Galaxy S21 has, or a bit slower, or faster. We won’t know until Google debuts the Pixel 6 in a few months.


Google seems to care about Pixels, in 2021

Given the many leaks we’ve seen of the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro recently, it seems like Google actually cares about Pixels, for really the first time.

Google hasn’t really seemed to be caring about its Pixel phones since they debuted in 2016. They really only cared about the camera. Launching the Pixel with a somewhat boring design, and a chipset that is about to be replaced.

Now in 2021, Google seems to really be focusing on the design, the chipset and even the software. There’s also evidence of it moving to a triple-camera setup – at least on the Pixel 6 Pro. Of course, part of this is due to the fact that Google is using its own silicon in the Pixel 6. So it really wants it to shine.


This is bound to be a very exciting year for the Google Pixel. And October just can’t come soon enough.