Google Workspace Smart Chips Connects Google Docs, Meet, And More

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Google Workspace smart chips will make productivity much easier. This new feature will help users to be more productive while using the productivity suite. Smart chips will allow Google Docs to connect to other products in super useful ways.

The way this works is users can use an @ symbol in order to connect links inside docs to other files. The links can also link to meetings as well. Creating these specialized links will make it easier to connect Google Docs with other products to improve productivity.

Using the @ symbol makes it easier for users to use the new smart chips. According to Erika Trautman, director of Google Workspace, “We don’t want you to have to learn a new affordance. This is something that people know how to use and millions of people use it every day.


Google Workspace Smart Chips will make your job easier

The cool thing is when you connect to another document or sheet you can see them in a resizable hover box. Users will be able to work with lots of different document types in Google Drive. That way users will not be limited to one type.

But the @ symbol does more than just create links. It also gives users options of templates to utilize. If they pick a template like a management table, it will be auto-populated with smart tags for attendees. Google Docs isn’t the only product to get smart chips. In the coming months, Google Sheets will also gain access to this useful feature.

By using smart chips Google improves the flow of productivity. But the company will also be able to keep users using their products and services. These features can easily persuade users to keep using Workspace thanks to improved interconnected productivity. This will be easier than using multiple platforms.


Google’s focus on interconnectedness, extends to Google Meet as well. For example, users will be able to easily start a Meet video chat directly within Docs, Sheets, and Slides. This will allow users to present these files directly in a meeting. This will help avoid having to screen-share. Screen sharing can come with connectivity issues that can stall a meeting, so this is a great feature.

It is no doubt that the new smart chips feature will help improve users’ productivity. It will help keep users connected to everything they need in the workplace to be the best they can be. No longer will you have to fumble to start a meeting and have to make sure everyone can see your file via screen sharing.