A Big Wear OS Change Is On The Horizon

WearOS AH NS 09

Google may be teasing a new look for Wear OS, which it could be showing off at tomorrow’s annual Google I/O developer conference. The company isn’t giving much away, but it has recently tweeted out that it has something to showcase to users at tomorrow’s event.

The tweet states that the time has come, and that users should join Google for what’s new with Wear OS tomorrow. It then suggests users tune in to tomorrow’s keynote. And that’s about where things end with Google’s cryptic tweet.

Thankfully Droid Life spotted something else that points to a big Wear OS change on the horizon. How big isn’t entirely clear yet. But it seems possible that Google could end up showing off a new version of Wear OS tomorrow.


A Brand New Wear OS with a new look

First and foremost, Google has not confirmed that there is a new look for Wear OS yet. But there have been hints. A little bit earlier this year Google’s fabled Pixel Smartwatch leaked. Or rather, recreated renders of the leaked images were presented. And in those renders, Wear OS had a still recognizable but quite obviously different design.

Wear OS has been relatively the same for more than a few years now. While it has gotten a new feature or two, Google hasn’t added or changed much. And the look itself has been the pretty much the same since Wear OS became the branding. So, a new look is probably about due at this point.

In addition to that, an interesting detail was discovered on the program page for the Google I/O 2021 schedule website. Stating that virtual attendees can take part in a virtual adventure to explore the latest with Android. This included bits about Android 12, as well as a few other more developer-related things. The last part though mentions “a brand new Wear version.


It’s clear that whatever the changes are, they’re important enough for Google to tweet about them. And on top of that, dedicate a chunk of time from the keynote to those changes. The keynote is always when Google’s biggest announcements happen.

So whatever Google has in store for Wear OS, it’s big enough to warrant some attention. It’s also likely big enough that Samsung is now rumored to be launching a smartwatch that runs on Wear OS instead of Tizen. Samsung’s very first smartwatch ran on Android Wear. And it’s been Tizen ever since.

Perhaps Google’s “brand new Wear version” was exciting enough to capture Samsung’s attention.