Google Assures "Non-Believers" That Stadia Is Flourishing

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For Stadia, 2021 so far hasn’t shown to be the platform’s strongest in terms of attention, but Google is assuring users that the platform is alive and well. Specifically, Google calls out “non-believers.”

Stating that it would urge them to look at Google’s efforts in not only securing more game releases, but the launch of new features like the Search bar. Which it just launched back in April of this year. If Stadia is alive and well, that’s good news for fans and subscribers. Especially given the past few months.

In February, Google shut down Stadia Games & Entertainment. It’s in-house studio that was dedicated to creating first-party exclusive titles. As part of that shutdown, SG&E lead Jade Raymond left Google to start her own studio called Haven Studios. Two months later, Stadia’s Head of Product John Justice left. And just a couple of days after that, a handful of employees from SG&E left to join Jade Raymond.


Suffice it to say, Stadia has been having a rough go of it. At least when on the outside looking in. And rightfully so. But it seems things are going to be just fine.

Stadia is alive and well says the platform’s Developer Marketing Lead

Speaking to Gamesindustry.biz, Stadia’s Developer Marketing Lead Nate Ahearn ushers words of affirmation. Pointing out that while some of the staff has been getting a shake up, the platform itself has a lot to offer and is continuing to build value. Both for the user and for Stadia’s partners.

Ahearn points to recent AAA game launches like Resident Evil Village as well as its predecessor Resident Evil VII. The latter of which is currently a Stadia Pro title. Meaning subscribers can claim it for free. Also a Stadia Pro title is Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. Which was a big hit with fans as well.


Overall, though things may look gloomy for Stadia based on some employee changeups, it seems things couldn’t be further from the truth. Google has also found someone to fill the role of Product Lead for Stadia following John Justice’s departure.

In his place, Dov Zimring will be the new Product Lead. Zimring is Stadia’s Co-Founder. So placing him in the Product Lead role is likely a great fit. It is unclear though whether Zimring will permanently fill the role or if it’s just a temporary placement.

Either way, Stadia seems to be headed for a strong future. Thanks to more feature rollouts, more games, and stronger partnerships with third-party game studios. Google maintains that it’s in this for the long haul.