Check Out This Pixel Promo Featuring A 'Banana' Phone & Korean Slang

Google Pixel promo video

Google has been releasing some quirky videos promoting its Pixel smartphone lineup recently. The videos are essentially a fun take on how easy and fast it is to transfer files from your old phone to the new Pixel. “As long as you know how to plug in a cord, you can’t mess this up,” is the claim the company makes in those videos. Well, the latest video in the series is more of the same, and a bit ironic too.

Google releases another quirky Pixel Promo

As before, Google starts by saying that if you found this video, it’s probably because you might be wanting to switch to a Pixel phone. The company goes on to tell that switching to a Pixel is “super quick and easy”. In fact, the process is so simple that you can actually do something productive while your “data, pics, and stuff automatically transfer over”. In this video, the company teaches you Korean slang.

You start by inserting your SIM into your new Pixel. Now turn on the phone and follow a few simple steps. If you look closely at the video attached below, you’ll see that the Wi-Fi network the phone is connected to is named “WiFi Art Thou Romeo”. Nice one, Google.


The fun part only begins now though. The new promotional video once again features the “banana” phone from the previous video. You could certainly see this as a dig at Apple.

Google says connect your new Pixel to your “banana” phone with a cable and that’s it. Your Pixel will take it from here. You don’t have to worry about losing anything. “Your photos, contacts, settings” will magically come right over. It’s that easy.

This two minutes 11 seconds long video then goes on to teach you Korean slang. However, this part of the video isn’t made by Google, much like the previous Pixel promo video, where Google has added a part of an existing Karate lesson from an Australian instructor. The company is kind of trying to cover the tedious length of time it takes for the transfer to complete.


What’s ironic about the latest video is that Google doesn’t even sell Pixel phones in Korea. Perhaps it’s a sign that the company is finally the Pixel is finally coming to Korea. Only time will tell. Anyways, the video reminds you that you shouldn’t keep “1234” as your device lock code. Thanks, Google.