Sketchy Source Details Google Pixel 6 Pro Camera Upgrades

Google Pixel 6 Leak 5

The Google Pixel 6 series is right around the corner. Well, some more information regarding the alleged Pixel 6 Pro just surfaced, and the info relates to the camera upgrades. The thing is, the source of the information is not exactly the most reliable.

The Google Pixel 6 Pro camera info leaks, but from a sketchy source

This information comes from ‘Yogesh’, who is a tipster, but his track record isn’t exactly immaculate. That being said, it’s possible that what he’s saying is true, we’ll have to wait and see.

According to the source, the Pixel 6 Pro will utilize a Sony sensor for its camera, “perhaps a 50MP” one. He also mentioned that an 8-megapixel periscope camera will be included, with 5x optical zoom. On top of that, the phone is said to include an ultra-wide angle lens, and a color correction sensor.


He also said that this setup is now final, and that the phone will go into mass production in late August. That’s basically all the information that was shared.

Another reliable source claims that a new camera sensor will be included

Now, in addition to that, some information from Max Weinbach was spotted. Mr. Weinbach is usually really reliable, and he did confirm that a new sensor will be included on the phone. That is not new, though, as a reliable source confirmed that a while back.

It’s nice to hear it from yet another source, though, as Google has been using the same main sensor since the Pixel 2. It will be interesting to see Google’s camera algorithms in action with brand new optics.


Do note that the Pixel 6 is expected to arrive in two variants, one smaller, and one larger. The main camera sensor will almost certainly be the same across both devices.

So, when can we expect the Pixel 6 series to arrive? Well, the devices are coming in either September or October. Google did tease September 30 during its Android 12 presentation at Google I/O, so that’s a possible launch date for both Android 12 and Pixel 6.