Google Pixel 6 Could Launch On September 30

Google Pixel 6 Leak 9

The Google Pixel 6 may launch on September 30, if Google’s press materials are anything to go by. Just to be clear, Google did not mention the Pixel 6 launch, or anything of the sort. The company did use September 30 on its press materials at Google I/O, though.

Knowing Google, this could easily be a teaser for the Pixel 6 launch. The date surely fits, perfectly. Android 12 will probably drop in August, and Pixel phones usually get announced in late September or early October.

The Pixel 6 series could launch on September 30, as per Google’s Android 12 press shots

This date was used in some of the company’s Android 12 press shots during the Google I/O keynote. It is likely a teaser for the Pixel 6 launch, but we’re only guessing here, of course.

Android 12 design slide with possible Pixel 6 launch date


The Google Pixel 6 actually surfaced quite recently. The device’s design got shared by Jon Prosser, and it managed to shock us. People seem to either love or hate what was shown, as it’s… well, different.

The camera bump on the back is extremely pronounced, and it uses a completely different design. Do note that these renders have been recreated by a third-party designer, but are based on the design of the actual phone. In other words, they’re probably spot on.

Two models are allegedly coming

If this information is true, the Pixel 6 will feature very thin displays, a flat display, and a centered display camera hole. Based on what was shared, the smaller Pixel could use two cameras on the back, while the larger one is tipped to use three.

The phones will be made out of metal and glass, it would see, while their physical keys will sit on the right. The power / lock button will be placed above the volume up and down buttons, as per usual. This is contrary to most smartphones out there, but Google seems to like this arrangement.


More Pixel 6 information will probably follow in the coming weeks / months, as we’re still some months away from the announcement.