Google's New Password Manager Features Will Make You Forget About LastPass

new password manager features

Google is also debuting a slew of new features for its own password manager.

There are four new features coming to the password manager, with a big focus on protecting your passwords from security breaches and making it easier to change them, when they have been compromised.

Firstly, the password manager is going to allow you to easily import your passwords. This makes it easier to switch from a password manager like LastPass, or NordPass, to Google’s own password manager.

Google is also bringing in deeper integration across Chrome and Android. Making it even simpler to use the Password Manager across all of your devices.


Changing passwords that have been compromised

Google is debuting automatic password alerts. So you will be alerted with Google detects that one (or more) of your saved passwords have been compromised in a security breach.

But not only that, Google will also introduce a quick fix feature. Allowing the Google Assistant to easily navigate to your compromised accounts and change your passwords within seconds. That’s a big deal, as it can sometimes be a bit cumbersome to find the account that has had its password compromised and get to the change password screen in that account. So Google Assistant making this easy to do, is definitely a good thing.

Google says that it builds its products to be “private by design”, now not everyone will agree with that. But the Password Manager here is pretty private, and these new features are definitely going to be a big deal for those that use the Password Manager. Especially since it is free, and works really well within Google’s own products. But do remember that those passwords are all associated with your Google account. So it’s a good idea to use 2FA on your Google account too.

There’s plenty more coming from Google I/O today, so stay tuned.