Google Messages Split-Screen View For Tablets Is Coming Soon

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Google Messages split-screen view for tablets has been a much-awaited feature. The app has been receiving a myriad of new features over the last several months.

The feature-laden SMS and instant messaging app from Google are slowly garnering popularity among users. This year, the app received several features such as auto-OTP deletion, scheduled messages, calendar event suggestions, and an overhauled UI on Samsung phones.

XDA Developers originally spotted some of these impending features in its analysis of the latest Google Messages update. The publication also gave us a glimpse of what they look like.


Google Messages split-screen view for tablets

Google Messages 8.0.054 is currently available on Google Play. The website bumped into new strings that hint at a new split-screen UI designed for tablets.

According to the strings, Google Messages will soon receive a new setting dubbed “List detail view.” Once a user enables the settings, they will be able to see their conversation list next to the conversation.

After enabling it, XDA Developers shared screenshots of how the feature will look upon release. The List detail view will split the screen in half.


You can see the list of your previous conversations on the left. The current conversation will appear on the right side.

The new UI is developed for devices with larger displays. The enables the app to take advantage of the extra screen real estate.

Using a paired phone to send texts

The recently rolled out Google Messages update has new strings that point towards a new feature. This impending feature will allow users to send messages using a paired phone.


This feature probably corresponds to the upcoming tablet-centric layout. Users might be able to choose between sending a text using a tablet, or from a paired phone.

It is worth noting that Google Messages already offers a similar feature on Samsung-branded phones and tablets. The feature is called Call and Message Continuity.

It enables Galaxy device owners to send and receive texts on their tablets and phones at the same time using the same phone number. Google seems to be working to extend this feature to support devices from more manufacturers.


Categorizing conversations

In October 2020, Google Messages added a new feature that automatically categorized conversations depending on their content. It adopted similar working processes like Microsoft’s SMS Organizer app.

The new feature divided texts into several categories such as Offers, OTP, Transactions, Person, and All. Regrettably, it did not allow users to pick a default category as SMS Organizer did.

The upcoming setting will let users change the primary category. Users will be able to pick a default category from the above-mentioned options.


These features aren’t currently available in the latest version of Google Messages. Details about when Google will be rolling out these features are still scarce.