Google Launches Wear OS Version Of Gboard, More Apps Coming

Gboard Wear OS image 1

According to a new tweet by the official Twitter handle of Wear OS by Google, Google has launched the Gboard on Wear OS, which is the company’s first app launch for Wear OS in years.

Frankly, Wear OS is not regarded as the best smartwatch OS. Thanks to its poor battery management, and over-the-board resource requirements, if not optimized well, the Wear OS could very well hamper your smartwatch experience.

It’s been years since Google launched an app for the platform. And this hinted that the company has lost interest in Wear OS. But to everyone’s surprise, Google has pushed the Wear OS version of Gboard.


Besides, that’s not all. The official support page for this announcement says that Google has a lot in store for Wear OS in 2021. So, you can expect more new apps in the coming days for the platform.

Prior to the arrival of Gboard, Wear OS used an app called Google Keyboard. However, with the launch of Gboard for Wear OS, it brings a lot of new features to the table for Wear OS users.

Gboard Wear OS version brings emoji palette, number keypad, voice input, and more

Talking about the features, the Wear OS version of the Gboard brings a new user interface, new shortcuts to access features such as emoji palette, number keypad, voice input, and more.


FYI, voice input was not accessible previously. You needed to first exit the keyboard in order to use voice input. But that is not the case now.

Tiny cards show suggestions on top of the keyboard as you type using Gboard. There is also a preview screen that shows you your typed message to review and edit. Swipe gestures input is still available.

One of the best things about having Gboard on Wear OS is the availability of multiple language support. Just like you had multiple language support on your mobile with Gboard, you can now switch between different languages from the app.


All you need to do is tap the language shortcut at the bottom of the screen to change the language. By default, the language will be the same as the watch’s system language. You can toggle between languages and add languages from within the app.

Google says it will roll out this new Gboard app in the coming days. This means that it will appear for users gradually. If you haven’t received the app, then you should probably wait for your turn to arrive.