Google Introduces Chromebook Tablets Multi-Paste Feature

ACER Logo Chromebook 001 DG AH 2020

Google introduced Chromebook tablets’ multi-paste feature to make user’s work easier. While Chromebook tablets have been easy to use, there was a particular issue faced by the Chromebook tablet owners.

There have been issues such as autocorrect, size, and buggy input. While the Chromebook tablet has worked on improving the operating system in the past couple of years, the typing experience was still tedious.

Chromebook tablets added a major UI facelift, enhanced handwriting recognition, and size change option in 2020. In fact, Google is all set to provide Chrome OS 89 to tablet owners.


According to Android Police, the recent Chrome OS Beta update integrated the Chromebook tablets’ multi-paste feature. Upon activation, the latest feature will introduce users with a clipboard to the virtual keyboard.

The latest clipboard will allow users to copy-paste text or images on the Chromebook tablets. This feature is available for all devices that are currently running on the Beta, Dev, or Canary channel.

How to use multi-paste feature?

You can simply copy-paste the following URL in the Chrome’s address bar: chrome://flags/#enable-cros-virtual-keyboard-multipaste


Once your tablet gets restarted, you may copy any text and click on the text field. Now, you will be able to see the newly integrated icon of the clipboard on the top of the virtual keypad.

You might notice an experimental flag in Chrome OS 90’s stable channel. Even after enabling it, there won’t be any different. Chromebook tablets’ multi-paste feature seems to be similar to the clipboard introduced with Chrome OS 89 by Google.

Benefits of using the new feature

The best part about using this feature is the preview option it provides to the users. Many times a user copies a text or image but later forgets what they have copied. However, the new feature allows them to see the preview of the copied items.


Without any guesses, users can simply click on the clipboard that allows keeping a track of the items they have copied. The virtual keyboard can keep up to five copied texts and images. Depending on the size of the virtual keyboard, the items can be viewed upon scrolling vertically.

Moreover, every screenshot will automatically appear on the clipboard. Although you can easily long-press and remove them if not required. This newly introduced feature will ensure that the user’s productivity will improve and it will provide more creative freedom.

This feature also helps the user to work without any fear of missing any of the copied text or images.