Google Finally Took Its Ads Too Far In Android TV, Prompting Backlash

Android TV Ads AM AH 1

Google appears to have gone too far with its ads if the current rating for its Android TV Home app is any indication. The app, reports indicate, has dropped in terms of ratings all the way down to one star. That is, summarily, as low as an app rating can be on the Google Play Store. And, as already noted, it all seems to come back down to ads.

Ads are Google’s business but that doesn’t mean people are happy about them on Android TV

Of course, ads are the primary source of income for Google. So it shouldn’t be too surprising that they’re appearing on more devices and in more services. Not least of all, with the recent addition to Android TV and associated devices. That even includes a few older devices.

That’s going to come at a cost for Google, with plenty of supporting evidence. The service itself and its many top-rated devices are not being derided by the consumers and users leaving one-star reviews. But the app on the Play Store isn’t faring quite so well. Reviewers say that the app “was” nice to use and, in at least one case, “perfect” before the update.


However, now that users are seeing ads from Google, often for services or products they don’t own or want, on their Android TV home screens. And those can’t be removed, paid away, or otherwise turned off, which seems to be the most common complaint now surfacing on the app market.

Those complaints make a lot of sense too since users are buying some quite expensive devices to use Android TV. And since many of the services they use via Android TV are already paid for.

Google will need to address this but it’s unclear how that’s going to look

The search giant, for its part, has yet to respond to the influx of ads-related negative reviews on the Android TV Home app. Especially since the most recent review with a positive rating was way back when the ads were added. Namely, in August 2020.


Apps that don’t review well typically don’t stay in the running for long, either. But how, exactly, Google will address this remains to be seen.