Your Google Assistant Menu Has Changed, New Communication Feature

Google Assistant pop DG AH 2021

Google has now introduced some changes to the Assistant-related menu in its apps, in line with a new communication feature being added. That’s based on recent reports detailing the alteration, which renames “Voice and video calls” to “Communication.”

Now, that alteration can be found in the Google app and appears to be associated with an update to the app. But the communication menu should also appear just about anywhere Google Assistant settings are accessible. At least, that’ll be the case for everybody who sees the Google app update.

But the change isn’t just in the name, either. Alongside Call Providers, Video & Voice Apps, Device & Call Settings, and Your contacts, in that menu, there’s a new item. That’s dubbed “Broadcast” and, as its name implies, centers around settings for a specific Assistant feature added back in 2017.


What’s Broadcast and what does it do with Google Assistant communication?

Of course, the feature in question adds the ability to use Google Assistant to communicate with associated and linked devices so this menu change is to reflect that. More directly, that’s the ability to communicate directly with devices linked to a smart home or a family group.

Google is giving users two toggles inside that menu now. One turns on or off broadcasting more generally. That will apply to everybody, including those in the group. And it allows broadcasting to personal devices, including smartphones and tablets, rather than to smart speakers or displays.

The second setting option opens things up for those who prefer to do so. That’s aptly titled “Family broadcasting for guests” and its name gives away its function. It allows guest users to communicate with the smart home or family group via broadcasting too.


This could be a slow roll-out

Now, as of this writing, this change doesn’t appear to be hitting everybody all at once. That includes some Android Headlines devices and the source notes a similar trend. The implication is that this is a more gradual roll-out for the AI tool.

Google Assistant Broadcast communication menu change from Android Police