Google 3D AR Goes Athletic With New Model Additions In Search

Google IO 2021 3D AR athletes presser

Google has taken to its Google I/O 2021 event to announce the addition of athletes for fans of its 3D AR Search features. More specifically, starting today, the company is adding athletes to its ever-growing list of 3D AR interactive objects discoverable via Search. And, as has been widely reported, that’s starting with three athletes in particular.

Who’s searchable as a 3D AR object in Google?

Initially, Google says it’s adding Simone Biles, Megan Rapinoe, and Naomi Osaka as 3D models to its AR search feature. And there’s a good reason its list is so short. Namely, because these 3D objects won’t be stationary like most previously-added models. Instead, Google is taking advantage of AR to bring the athletes to life. And that’s regardless of whether they’ve been placed in users’ living rooms, yards, or offices.

For instance, for the Simone Biles model, Google is showcasing the world-class gymnast’s routine. And a similar action will be shown for Footballer — that’s soccer, in the US — Megan Rapinoe and tennis player Naomi Osaka. With the goal of giving Google users an up-close look at how these athletes appear, at scale and in the real world, when they’re performing.


Who’s coming next, if anybody, to this feature?

Now, each of the new 3D AR models appears directly in Google Search. For instance, users can search for Simone Biles and, on the corresponding Google search result card, options will be presented showcasing different actions that can be viewed in 3D AR for the three athletes.

Of course, the company could potentially expand the feature to showcase further athletes across a wider variety of sports. At the very least, the search giant has done so in other, albeit less complex categories without the animations. But, at least for now, Google hasn’t included any details regarding when. Or even if it has plans to add any further athletes going forward.