GamStop Alternatives For Android Users

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Players have the ability to use a blocking option to prevent themselves from online gambling. The most common and the most popular of this kind is GamStop. But, there are other options as well. Keep in mind that GamStop works with online casinos so regardless of which device you use, access will be blocked.

Below we have a few alternatives that are more focused on Android users. Now, we will discuss all of the best ones.

GamStop Overview and Top Alternatives

GamStop is the biggest platform of this kind available for UK players. It is not available anywhere in the world. According to the UKGC, all casinos with this licence must be members of GamStop and they must accept other rules and requirements as well. Once you have created the account, the only way to play is to find casinos not on GamStop that are working and accepting self-excluded players from Great Britain.


Keep in mind that GamStop is not an app or software. It is a platform that works with online casinos. Once you create an account, GamStop will contact all online casinos in their database and limit your account for a specific period of time, the one you have selected. Making that period shorter or canceling the account isn’t possible.


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GamBan is the next option we have. This is, however, software or it can be an app depending on which device you are using it. It was released in 2015 and it is extremely popular today. One of many reasons why is the fact you can use it on any device. Yes, you can download and install this software on your PC, Android, iOS, and Mac computer. Once you are done, all gambling sites and betting websites will be limited. In addition, even certain trading sites will become unavailable.


There is no need in telling you that removing the app isn’t possible. You need to provide certain credentials in order to do that. GamBan was developed as a parental control app. The idea is to install the app on a device a child uses and you can limit internet access and limit access to specific sites indefinitely.

While GamStop is free to use, GamBan isn’t. You do have the ability to test the software for 7 days. After that, you will have to choose one of the plans and activate it. In the United Kingdom, you can get this software for free if you use Gamcare.


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This is another app that works similarly to the first option. However, we can see one major advantage. NetNanny is one of the best blockers that uses artificial intelligence to test and analyze a specific website. As such, it can deduce the niche of that site and if it meets the parameters, it will block it. This is especially appealing when a parent wants to block access to websites that are not suitable for other family members or small children. We must add that gambling in the UK isn’t allowed for people under 18 years of age.

NetNanny works well with all kinds of devices. As a user, you can choose a specific plan that will allow you to install and use the app on 5-20 different devices. An additional thing we liked is the fact the app will notify you when the search option was used to locate a website that breaks the parameters you have set.


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BetBlocker is another and very appealing option. This is free software. You can download and install it on your Android smartphone now. But, it is also free for PC, Mac, and even Linux computers. Yes, it is free for iOS devices as well, which is great. All you have to do is to install the software and configure it. Once you are done, you can activate it and all gambling sites will become unavailable. The software will block over 13.000 gambling and betting sites. The list is updated on a regular basis.

We can see one similarity to the GamStop. Once Bet Blocker blocks a specific website, it will set the duration of that block. Even you as the administrator can’t lift that restriction until it expires.

Considering it is effective, free, and works well, you can use BetBlocker alongside other apps and make your overall device even more immune to gambling and betting sites.


Other Options

There is no need to state the obvious. There are a lot of additional apps and self-exclusion services of this kind. You can see that all of them have the same or at least similar purpose and user interface. For example, you can install them on multiple devices and use them at the same time. All betting and gambling sites will become unavailable and you can block access to other websites that are not suitable for your family member or your child.

These apps and software are becoming more and more advanced. They already use artificial intelligence and are able to detect and block almost all websites that offer gambling in any form, so if you want to stop playing, it is an excellent way to overcome it. In the near future, they will become even more capable.


If you want to block gambling sites, you can do it by using an app or better said apps. There are a lot of options out there. AndroidHeadlines has covered the main ones which are popular when the frequency of such requests is growing. Pick the one or multiple ones you like and start using them right now.