First ZenFone 8 Update Improves Camera Quality, System Performance & More

ASUS Zenfone 8 Review AM AH 09

ASUS has started rolling out the very first post-launch update for the ZenFone 8 series. The ASUS ZenFone 8 is getting the WW update, while WW is rolling out to the ZenFone 8 Flip.

The first ZenFone 8 series update improves camera quality, and more

The changelogs seem to be the same for both smartphones. This update adds priority mode to the phone’s Settings menu on both devices. This new feature allows you to set “priority contacts” that can bypass the phone’s mute function.

You’ll also notice that the “Force Dark Mode” feature is also added via this update. It allows you to force dark mode for apps that don’t even support it. We’ve already seen this in action on some OnePlus devices.


Most Android phones have this feature, but it’s not as advanced as it is here (and on some OnePlus devices). Once you update, you’ll be able to trigger this feature on a per-app basis, not for all apps in general.

This feature is well known to break some apps, a small percentage of them, but that can cause issues. By break we mean the UI elements don’t look right. This way you can enable it for just some apps, and make sure it doesn’t affect the UI.

The update also improves overall system stability

The update also improves the camera quality, though details haven’t been shared. The system stability has been improved overall, and the same goes for system performance, says the changelog.


This update will also bring a new Android security patch on both phones, a security patch for April 2021. The update also enables VoLTE on some carriers in Lithuania and Norway, in case you live there. You can check out the changelog in an image below.

We’re sure that more updates will follow in the coming months. Both phones are more than stable as they are, this is expected to polish things even further. ASUS really did a good job this time around, especially with the ZenFone 8. Check out our review for more information.

First ASUS ZenFone 8 update