EA Play Live Returns In July For Latest On EA's Upcoming Games

EA Play Live 2021 1

EA Play Live is returning for 2021, promising the latest details on upcoming games from the renowned publisher. Last year, EA teased details on future titles it’s currently working on. Like the new Dragon Age game.

While it didn’t share much information about the new series title, it did show off some concept artwork to satiate the players eagerly awaiting for a new game in the storied RPG franchise.

This year, players can probably expect  to see and hear details about both new games and games that have already been announced or teased. This includes the new Dragon Age title. Though, EA hasn’t hinted at anything it plans to show off during the event.


Like last year with EA Play Live, the 2021 event will happen more towards the later middle part of the Summer.

EA Play Live 2021 will take place on July 22

There’s still a lot up in the air about this year’s EA Play Live, such as exact timing, but EA has now made the date public. The event will be hosted on July 22 so there’s still more than a couple of months left to go before things jump off.

This will also be a virtual event. As many of these types of events have been for the past 12 months. EA is holding the event about one month later this time around. As last year’s was held in June. EA also hasn’t shared the schedule for this year’s event just yet. Though it probably won’t be too long before it makes a formal announcement about what viewers will see.


That hasn’t stopped EA fans from excitedly speculating on what the studio may announce. And really, anything is possible. EA has multiple new titles in the works from some of its biggest franchises.

The showcase will follow E3

Surprisingly, EA set the date of its virtual showcase this year for after E3. In 2020, EA Play Live was broadcast around the same time as E3. With it happening more than a month later this year, EA is saving its biggest announcements, showcases, teases and more for its own event rather than at E3.

In fact EA won’t even be attending E3 2021. Sony will also be skipping the event and opt for continuing to showcase all the new stuff coming to its PlayStation platform at its own digital event where it claims all the attention.


EA is likely doing the same thing here.