Check Out This Curvy Xiaomi Concept With A Mute Switch

A rather interesting Xiaomi concept smartphone appeared online, and it’s quite curvy. This design comes from Yifan Hu, a designer. He decided to take a somewhat different approach with this one.

This Xiaomi smartphone concept is quite curvy, and it features interesting design elements

In the gallery below the article, you’ll find quite a few images showing off the device. The first thing you’ll probably notice is how curvy it is. This phone doesn’t offer sharp edges, quite the opposite.

Its corners are way more rounded than they are on smartphones these days. Even the phone’s display corners are, and the same goes for the corner on the rear camera island.


It looks quite different, that’s hard to deny. This concept design seems to have been inspired by the company’s new logo that was announced a while back. That logo is way curvier than the last one, and it fits this design perfectly.

Even this phone’s physical buttons are quite odd. They’re extremely small. You’ll notice small circles on the right side, one for the power / lock button, and the other two for volume up and down actions.

There’s an alert slider / mute switch on the left, or whatever you’d like to call it. This thing seems to have two functions only, though, ring and mute. It seems like a mix between iPhone’s and OnePlus’ implementations.


If real, this phone wouldn’t be slippery at all

The designer also envisioned a different material to cover the phone. It is covered in something that feels like “skin”, based on what the designer wrote. This can be achieved with soft silicone, or something of the sort.

The display on this handset is flat, as you can see, while a display camera hole is included. There are three cameras included on the back, while a Type-C port sits on the bottom.

It’s hard to deny that this phone looks both different and interesting at the same time. It would be interesting to see something like it on the market. Do note that this is just a third-party concept design, though, it has nothing to do with Xiaomi or its upcoming phones.


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