Clubhouse Is Now Officially Available On Android

clubhouse android app

Popular audio-only social media app, Clubhouse, is now finally available for Android users across the globe. The official Twitter handle of Clubhouse (via Engadget) confirmed this piece of information.

For those who do not know, Clubhouse is an invite-only, audio-based platform where you can communicate with people across the globe using only your voice.

The app has seen a steep rise in popularity after Billionaire Elon Musk famously spoke on the app. However, since it was only available for iOS users, Clubhouse was missing out on a wider audience of Android.


After months of speculation, testing, etc., the Clubhouse is now finally available for Android users globally. The official app is available on the Google Play Store.

On Google Play Store, it’s the first app in the search results for Clubhouse by Alpha Exploration Co. Ensure that you are not downloading the one by Clubhouse Software Inc., which has managed to confuse several Android users.

To be more specific, you need to look for the “Clubhouse: Drop-in audio chat” app.


The Clubhouse Android app has all the functionalities you would find on the iOS app

Talking about the features, the Android app comes loaded with all the functionalities, one would find on the iOS app. Just like the iOS app, users on Android require to either join any group or get an invite code from another user.

Once you are in, you have to select the areas of interest such as tech, games, and business. Moreover, just like any other social media apps, you can follow people and see which room they are interested in or participating in.

You can exit any group or rooms anytime you want. In fact, Clubhouse will recommend users and rooms based on your interests.


Apparently, Twitter is also not too far behind on cashing in the popularity of Clubhouse. While Clubhouse was prepping up for its entry into the Android world, Twitter launched the Twitter Spaces feature.

It has all the features of the Clubhouse app. Twitter Spaces can be accessed directly from the main Twitter app.

So, that means you can stay on top of your Twitter game and also take advantage of Clubhouse-like features. Facebook is also working on a rival feature called “Rooms.” It is already under testing for select users and is expected to debut sometime this summer.


If you are interested in trying out the Clubhouse app, then you can head over to the Google Play Store link here, and install it on your Android phone.