Clubhouse Confirms Beta Android App Rollout

clubhouse android

The Clubhouse has recently started to roll out a beta version of its Android app to some users, the company confirmed.

Many Android users are waiting to install the Clubhouse app on their phones and join rooms for audio chatting. But the audio-based social media app initially released its app for iOS users and left Android users in uncertainty. However, since Android users account for a large number of smartphone owners, Clubhouse can’t ignore them.

Over the past few months, Clubhouse confirmed that it’s working on its Android app. Now, the company is testing its Android app by releasing a beta version to “a handful of friendly testers.”


The Clubhouse hasn’t announced an exact time for the official release of its Android app, but they mentioned it could happen “over the coming weeks,” Recently, some sources confirmed that Clubhouse’s Android app might release in May.

Currently, some third-party developers started to release unstable versions of Clubhouse for Android users. But these versions are not supported by the main company, and there are concerns about their privacy. If you’re an Android user, we recommend you wait for the official release of Clubhouse’s Android app.

Audio chatting is becoming a trend between social media apps

The Clubhouse is not alone in providing audio chatting, and more rivals are coming to the battle. First, Twitter started to roll out Spaces for users with similar features to the Clubhouse. Of course, this happened after their request to buy Clubhouse was rejected. Twitter Spaces is currently available for both Android and iOS users, and Twitter is constantly improving it.


Facebook and Instagram are other apps to bring audio chatting to their platforms. Audio rooms will be added to Facebook and Instagram apps as a clone of Clubhouse.

But Telegram is striving to become a serious rival to Clubhouse. Telegram has rolled out Voice Chats 2.0, and it recently announced the coming of group video calls next month. Adding group video calls besides voice chats will be a big deal for Telegram, and it will help the platform outperform its rivals, specifically WhatsApp.