Google Talks Up Chromebook Linux Leaving Beta, New Devices Incoming

07 Acer Chromebook logos DG AH 2021

Google I/O 2021 will come to a close today but there’s still plenty to talk about, including the announcement that Linux on the Chromebook platform is leaving beta. The search giant, based on recent reports, hasn’t provided too many details as to what that would entail, exactly. But, given that Linux in beta has been available on every new Chromebook since 2019, the news will undoubtedly be welcome.

The update should ensure that Linux is less buggy and more usable than ever. So users can dig into their work or play on whichever Chromebook they own using full desktop software.

What else is incoming aside from non-beta Linux for your Chromebook?

Now, the change from Linux in beta to non-beta Linux on Chromebooks is a big step forward. It should make the platform more productive than ever. Especially with additions such as GPU acceleration, USB drive support, a new terminal app, faster update processes, and a wider array of development tools. For those that happen to be in lines of work or using accessories where those things are useful. But Linux updates, arriving in Chrome 91, are hardly the only changes incoming.


Google also says it plans to support Android better on the platform. For instance, the search giant pointed to the arrival of Android 11 on some devices starting with Chrome OS 90. That’s been rolling out already and an increased optimization for Android apps and a new dark theme are part of that. But, with three times as much Android app use happening on the platform, the company also revealed that Android 11 takes the operating system out of the container.

Instead, Android via the Android 11 update is moving to a virtual machine. That should not only help the apps run more natively but also make Android easier to update going forward. So it — potentially — won’t be too long before Android 12 and future versions are being added right alongside the launch of new updates.

There are a lot more Chromebooks on the way too

All of the incoming changes to the Chromebook platform will undoubtedly make any of the great Chrome OS gadgets that are already available a whole lot better. But Google also had one final revelation from Google at I/O on the matter. And that seems to suggest that users might want to hold off for a bit before buying a new Chromebook.


Namely, the company revealed that as many as 50 new Chromebooks are coming in 2021. And that means users should have more options than ever for picking one that really fits their needs.