Best Android Accessories For Gamers

Glap Controller

Mobile gaming is a huge business and there are millions of people around the world using an Android device for gaming. With that in mind, several companies have been busy developing a fantastic range of Android accessories for gamers. It does not matter if you are playing online multiplayer games or enjoying one of the top online casinos, there is an Android accessory which will enhance your experience.

Adding to the experience

Controllers with a built-in clip are perhaps the most sought-after Android accessory for gamers. The controllers look much like what you would use when playing on the latest Xbox or PlayStation. The built-in clip allows you to attach your mobile phone into the middle of the controller, with the buttons to the right of the phone and the joystick and pad to the left of the device. By using a controller with a built-in clip, your Android device immediately resembles the Nintendo Switch, a device which has been designed exclusively for gaming on the go.

If you are playing an Android mobile game that does not support a separate controller, you can invest in a grip. There are many simple grip/battery hybrids available on the market for Android devices and these make it easier to hold your device when playing a game. The majority of the leading grips come complete with a wireless charging battery magnetically attached and this means you can continue playing the game for longer, without having to worry about charging your Android phone.


Making mobile gaming more accessible

When you are playing a game using a mobile device, you may be sat on a train or in an airport. There is likely to be plenty of noise around you and this can seriously detract from your mobile gaming experience. This is where headsets come into play and one of the best headsets currently on the market for Android gamers is TaoTronics Active Noise-Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones. Complete with built-in noise cancellation while enjoying 30-hour battery life, the headphones will cut out most of the surrounding noise, meaning all you will be able to hear is the soundtrack to your game. This is crucial if you are participating in an online multiplayer game and you need to hear what the other participants are saying.

The last thing you want to happen when playing mobile games is for your battery to die. There is nothing more infuriating than being involved in a great game only for your battery to run out. Thankfully, there is a huge selection of batteries and chargers available which have been specifically designed for use with Android devices. Anker is a company that has developed some of the leading power accessories for Android phones and tablets, including the PowerCore III Sense 10K. This is a 10,000mAh battery, available in various colours and has the ability to charge your phone faster than even the most demanding game can drain the battery. Anker even offer a 26,800mAh battery and although this is quite large physically, if you are a serious Android gamer, it is an accessory you may wish to purchase.