Android Auto Music Bug Pauses Your Music If You Open Another App

Android Auto AH NS 05

According to 9to5Google, there is a new Android Auto music bug that pauses your music when you open an app. This affects the phone that is powering Android Auto. However, this seems to only be affecting some users at the moment so that is a good bit of news.

Now, this can be very annoying. If you need to update your directions via Google Maps your music may be paused. The point of Android Auto is to keep drivers from being distracted while driving. Android Auto gives users access to everything they need as they drive.

However, if you are driving and your music pauses it will remain that way until the app you opened is closed. Granted you shouldn’t be opening any other apps while driving if everything you need is presented by Android Auto. But, sometimes things happen and you may need to look for another app. Maybe you need to reserve your spot at a restaurant you are on the way to via the restaurant’s app.

Either way, the bug has been affecting some users. Users have reported this over on Google’s support forums. The users who have taken to Google’s support forums started making reports in March and April. Other users report it happening much longer than that which is unfortunate.


As with most random bugs, the cause of it is unknown. This is clearly not the way Android Auto should function, and as of yet Google has not explained why it is happening. Hopefully, there will be a fix coming soon. However, the reports of this odd bug have slowed down. As a result, it could be that a fix was rolled into a recent update for Android Auto.

New Android Auto music bug pauses music if you open another app

This is more of a quality of life issue. It doesn’t break Android Auto but it is still a bug nonetheless that needs to be fixed. It can be annoying while driving and have your music pause out of nowhere. Listening to music can definitely make the driving experience ten times better.

At any rate, as stated it looks like a recent update may have remedied the situation bug. There is also a new Android Auto update that was spotted with a feature that will block your device’s connection if USB debugging is enabled.

There is also rumored that the new update will bring some new Day/Night mode improvements. With that being said, hopefully, the odd music bug will be completely squashed before the possible new features roll out.