Android 12 Beta References Pixel 6 & Google's Foldable Phone

Google Pixel 5 AM AH 10

Android 12 Beta 1 was released yesterday, and both the Pixel 6 and Google’s first foldable phones are mentioned in it. The information has been spotted by 9to5Google.

Both the Google Pixel 6 and Google’s first foldable smartphone are expected to launch this year. Well, some new model numbers have been spotted, and it’s quite obvious they’re referencing those phones.

The Google Pixel 6 family & the company’s foldable have been spotted in Android 12 Beta 1

The ‘Oriole’ and ‘Raven’ codenames surfaced, along with ‘GR1YH’ and ‘GF5KQ’ model numbers. Those are referencing Pixel 6 smartphones, likely the upcoming Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro / XL, or whatever the company ends up calling it.


The company’s foldable smartphone surfaced as ‘Passport’ with a ‘GPQ72’ model number. In addition to those three phones, the Pixel 5a 5G was also spotted as ‘Barbet’ with a ‘G4S1M’ model number.

Now, do note that these model numbers don’t guarantee anything. The company’s first foldable smartphone is rumored to arrive in 2021, but we’ll see what will happen. Google may yet surprise us, and release only the Pixel 5a, and two Pixel 6 devices, along with the Pixel Watch.

We don’t have almost any information about the company’s foldable. No specific information surfaced regarding its design or anything of the sort. If the device is coming, chances are we’ll start seeing some leaks in the near future.


The Pixel 6 & Pixel Watch are expected to arrive in Q4

That being said, the Pixel 6 family and the Pixel Watch are expected to arrive in Q4 this year. They’ll most likely launch in October. The Pixel 5a will probably arrive sooner, maybe this or next month.

Android 12 will come pre-installed on the Pixel 6 family, for sure, while the Pixel 5a will likely get it in the form of an update in August, depending on when the phone launches.

Google shared a lot of Android 12 information during its Google I/O keynote yesterday. The company had a lot to say considering that this is one of the biggest design changes to Android to date. The general usage is still the same, but the build looks fairly different compared to Android 11.