Android 12 Beta 1 Delivers New, Colorful Charging Animations

AH OnePlus 9 KL image charging 1

Android 12 Beta 1 launched yesterday as part of Google I/O 2021. That being said, we talked about it at length at the site, but new information is constantly arriving. Amongst everything else, Android 12 Beta 1 also delivers new, colorful charging animations.

Android 12 Beta 1 charging animations for wired & wireless charging are a bit different in comparison

These new charging animations are present for both wired and wireless charging. Do note that they differ between wired and wireless a bit, though. They also follow your system accent color.

When it comes to wired charging, you’ll see a large tinted circle expanding outward. For wireless charging, things are a bit different. The same thing happens, but from the center of the display, not the bottom of the screen.


For wired charging, the animation comes from the bottom of the screen because that’s where the USB port is. The wireless charging coil is centered on the back, so… you get the point. It’s a nice touch by Google, that’s for sure. You can check out both animations in action by clicking here.

These charging animations do follow your set system accent color

As already mentioned, these charging animations do follow your system accent color. So, regardless of whether your theme is set to pick up colors from your wallpaper, or you set it manually, the charging animation will adapt.

Do note that this change is for the company’s Pixel phones. Different OEMs will do a different implementation for their devices, of course, if they have a custom skin on there.


Google announced quite a few changes for Android 12, and only some of them are accessible in Beta 1. The second beta build is expected to arrive in the near future, while the stable build is coming in August.

You can both flash and install Android 12 Beta 1 on your Pixel smartphone, quite a few of them are supported. You can also flash it on a number of non-Google phones, though you may have to wait with that one. Some issues appeared while flashing it on certain devices, so… just in case.