Amazon Prime Now App To Be Merged With Amazon App & Website

Amazon Prime box 03 DG AH 2020

Amazon Prime Now app has been discontinued in three countries and will be shut down globally by the end of this year. The service was launched in 2014.

Last year, the two-hour delivery platform was shut down in India. The service allows Prime members to avail themselves of ultra-fast two-hour delivery on a slew of products.

Aside from the app, the company will also be retiring the Amazon Prime Now website globally. However, the service is not going away.


What will happen to Amazon Prime Now

Amazon isn’t completely scrapping the Prime Now service. The company will be integrating it into its main platform.

In its latest blog post, Amazon said that it will be combining the separate Prime Now app with the Amazon app and website. The company said this will make the experience even more seamless.

Moreover, it will allow customers to shop their favorite products from one convenient location. Vice president of grocery at Amazon, Stephenie Landry confirmed that Amazon will pull the plug on the Prime Now platform by the end of 2021.


A better shopping experience

Amazon will rely on its third-party partnerships to ensure millions of customers get their groceries on time. Customers will be able to place their orders directly from the company’s app or website.

Landry noted that the experience is likely to vary by country. However, customers in the United States will be able to shop at Whole Foods Market or Amazon Fresh. They simply need to search those stores on amazon.com or the flagship app.

Moreover, customers will be able to choose two-hour delivery for various goods through the Amazon app or website. Two-hour grocery delivery will also be available via Whole Foods Market or Amazon Fresh, which are on Amazon’s app and website.


Amazon will move local stores and third-party retailers from its Prime Now app to its main website. Aside from India, Amazon has migrated its Prime Now service onto its website and app in Japan and Singapore as well.

Shopping experience to remain unchanged

Customers will still be able to shop, track orders and get in touch with customer service via one convenient app. On top of that, they will be able to add items to their orders until Amazon begins preparing.

They can also access their favorites items under past purchases, recommendations, and products trending in their area. U.S.-based customers will be able to add items from their Alexa shopping to their shopping cart in Amazon Fresh or Whole Foods Market.