Amazon Prime Day 2021 Reportedly Set For June 21 & 22

amazon black friday

Apparently, the dates for Amazon Prime Day 2021 have leaked, and it looks like it’ll take place June 21 and 22.

This report comes from Bloomberg, so there is credence here. As they are pretty on top of it, when it comes to leaks and such.

Even though the name of the event has “day” in it, Prime Day has not lasted a single day since the first year it was held. So this should come as no surprise.


If it is indeed happening on June 21 and 22, then we will likely get an official announcement from Amazon next week. Typically, they announce the dates about two weeks ahead of the official date. And of course, there are tons of pre-Prime Day sales that happen as well. So June is going to be a very popular month for sales. Not only at Amazon, but also at competitors, that attempt to compete with Prime Day.

Amazon had already confirmed it was happening in June

Amazon had already confirmed to everyone that Prime Day would be happening in June this year. As they mentioned in a recent earnings call with investors that they want to move Prime Day up, so it takes place in its second quarter. Which coincidently ends on June 30. Basically confirming that it would take place in June.

Typically, Prime Day takes place in the third quarter, around mid-July. However, last year due to the pandemic, it was pushed back to October. And set up for a really nice fourth quarter for Amazon. Having Prime Day in October, then Black Friday in November, and December being a big holiday shopping month too. But with it being so close to Black Friday, it didn’t get the attention that Amazon likely wanted.


It’ll be interesting to see what deals we get this year from Prime Day.