New Options For Amazon Echo Frames Include Blue Light-Filtering Lenses

Echo Frames Blue Light Filtering Home

According to The Verge, Amazon is introducing new lens options for Echo Frames. This is pretty cool. Now users no longer have to only get prescription lenses in their Echo Frames. Amazon introducing new lens options allows users to customize and express themselves even more.

The new options include two types of polarized sunglass lenses and blue light-filtering lenses. The blue light-filtering lenses will be very helpful as users continue to work from home. Staring at a computer screen all day is not healthy for your eyes. These lenses can help to relieve the strain on your eyes.

Anyone who is interested in the blue light-filtering lenses will have to wait a little bit longer. They will be available as an option starting June 9 along with the classic dark sunglass lenses. However, the blue mirror sunglass option will be available beginning today May 18.


Users will pay $269.99 for the black Echo Frames regardless of the lens choice. Amazon’s Echo Frames are good for anybody who likes to use Alexa. The smart glasses have Amazon’s assistant built-in. The idea is reminiscent of the Google Glass but more refined and more normal looking.

New lens options for Echo Frames will let users customize their experience

However, if you are a user who isn’t tied into Amazon’s ecosystem heavily then you may not want to get the Echo Frames. Smart glasses are a cool idea and can be very useful. However, due to the Echo Frames using all of Amazon’s services it may not be the best idea if you are a Google first user.

This goes double for iPhone users. However, not all is bad. Echo Frames do pretty well as an audio device. As a result, if you do not rely on Amazon’s services primarily you still have a user for the frames. They will just be more like a Bluetooth headset.


For example, if you’re working from home (or in-office) and you need to take a phone call you can easily do it on your frames. Also, if you need to relax you can put on some relaxing music and read a book. So the frames still have some use.

The battery life for the Echo Frames is 14 hours according to Amazon. Amazon says with mixed-use you may be able to get 14 hours. Of course, everyone’s mileage varies when it comes to battery life. Some users can kill a device that is supposed to last two days within a day. It all just depends on how you use it.