A OnePlus Theme Store Is Coming To The Next Major Oxygen OS Update

oneplus theme store

A OnePlus theme store is on the way to the next major Oxygen OS update according to Android Police. Oxygen OS is already customizable, but OnePlus seems to want to take it to the next level. Via OnePlus’s manufacturer’s forum, the company announced a theme store will be added in the next major update.

Android is known for its customization, and that is one of the biggest advantages it has over iOS. Users are able to show their individuality by how they set up their devices. Users can customize their phone’s launcher with options like Niagra Launcher. Or they can customize icons, tones, and more.

Companies like Samsung take this customization to another level by offering a theme store to customize everything. Settings menus, fonts, colors, tones, icons, transitions, and more can be customized with these themes. It also makes it easier for any user to customize their devices.


So, OnePlus adding a theme store of their own makes sense. But, in doing so the company seems to be taking another page from Samsung’s playbook. OnePlus was already accused of copying Samsung’s OneUI with its Oxygen OS redesign.

Despite this, the company still has its devoted fans. As a result, those same fans will be able to voice their opinions on the idea of the new theme store. The company is hosting an Open Ears event which will give fans a chance to voice their opinions.

A OnePlus theme store will arrive with the next major Oxygen OS update

This event will be on May 18 at 10 AM EST. So if you are a very devoted OnePlus fan make sure you tune in. But, again OnePlus adding a theme store makes a lot of sense. OnePlus has always been for the tinkerers who like to customize as much of their devices as possible.


OnePlus is coming off the launch of their most recent OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro devices. The phones have garnered some praise. The company continues to battle Samsung in the Android market, so it makes sense to add features that OnePlus may be missing.

The theme store on Samsung’s devices is a pretty cool thing. Samsung has been one of the only manufacturers to offer a full-blown theming option. LG offered something similar a long time ago, but it was nowhere near as robust as Samsung’s implementation.

OnePlus says that this theme store will come to the next major OxygenOS update. However, they did not clarify if this would be a patch to the current Oxygen OS build, or if users will have to wait until Android 12.