6 Apps To Help You Improve Your Word Problem Solving Skills


Knowing how to deal with words in the right way is a wonderful skill that we always have to train. Mastering even your entire native language is a lot more difficult than it sounds, but that doesn’t mean that we have to give up. After all, that’s exactly the beauty of word games: the mystery itself and the struggle to keep learning.

Pretty much everybody needs to improve their word problem-solving skills, and we’re here to offer some reliable solutions for such a quest. We recommend six apps from the bottom of our hearts:


The developers of Wordscapes claim that playing the game for 10 minutes a day will sharpen your mind and prepare you for daily challenges. The game is surely a load of fun, as it gives you the chance to enjoy modern word puzzles with anagrams, crosswords, and the best of word searching. As a player, you can challenge yourself in Wordscapes to connect letters and locate as many hidden words as possible. You will also be rewarded with stunning landscape backgrounds to delight your eyes.



In TypeShift, anagrams meet Word Search and get a sprinkle of Crosswords. More precisely, TypeShift is the modern anagram puzzle and re-imagined from the ground up, as it combines modern game design, wordplay, and a mobile-first approach.

Although for most of the anagram games, you need to search for new combinations within a single word, things are different in TypeShift. In this letter game, you’ll have to search from three to five words that are stacked and scrambled up together.

Word Stacks

Word Stacks was made by the same people who created Wordscapes, meaning that we must expect only great things from both games! Word Stacks allows the players to put their brains to work, expand their vocabularies, and even relax at the same time. Word Stacks is also known as an immersive word search game that has a shape-shifting twist. The game even uses calm music and natural landscape backgrounds to help the player relax.


Word Connect

In Word Connect, you just have to swipe the letter blocks and build words for collecting coins. The crossword puzzles are there and ready to get solved by those who are good enough. In Word Connect, you can uncover hidden words and even build new ones!

Word Connect is an exciting game also for the following reasons:

  • It’s powered by Oxford Dictionaries.
  • There are13596 levels in total and tons of words!
  • Different Modes, such as normal, crossword, and the daily challenge.


Scrabble is pretty much the king of word games, and it’s played by millions of people throughout the world. From the multitude of digital adaptations, we recommend Scrabble GO. We’re talking about the updated and free new version of the classic game of words that many of us love. In Scrabble GO, you can easily find new people to compete against or even use the fun and easy-to-use chat emojis and phrases. Words with Friends is another popular game like Scrabble.



WordBrain was successfully used by over 40 million word geniuses, as the presentation page from Google Play claims. Both logic skills and word searching become stronger once you play WordBrain as often as you can. As a player, you can progress through thousands of challenging word puzzles as you try to find the right words and solve the various conundrums.

In WordBrain, as you look for the words in the correct order for solving the levels, you must have your puzzle-solving, word search, and spelling skills in the best form possible.

The developers of word games never seem to get tired, which means that there are even more exciting challenges waiting for us in the near future!