5 Free Random Chat Apps To Talk With Strangers

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Despite the common perception, talking to strangers can be extremely beneficial sometimes, especially if they’re located many kilometres away from you. People are usually afraid to unleash their true thoughts and intentions with anyone, but when you know that the other person is far away from you and you probably will never see him or her again, it’s obvious that you have nothing to lose.

Surely you have a lot of questions and wonders about countries abroad and what their political leaders are preparing. You may also wonder about how other people perceive religion and life philosophies, or you may want to grasp ideas for fighting climate change. In all these cases, we recommend trying out these five free random chat apps:


Let’s face it: there are countless situations in life when you just cannot say what you truly want, whether we’re talking about the workplace, the family, a group of friends, and so on. But in the Wakie community, you can say what you want and how you want. Regardless of the life situation or question, Wakie will put you in contact with the right person in no time via phone calls. Just mention a topic you’re interested in, and leave the rest to the app!



Whisper is another good alternative when it comes to meet strangers that could eventually turn into friends. The app not only lets the user get in contact with others behind an anonymous identity, but it also makes it possible for him to post and share photos and videos in the same way.

The posts from Whisper are called ‘whispers’, and they consist of text superimposed over images, while the background imagery will either be automatically retrieved from the search engine of the app itself or even uploaded by the user.


Tinder can be used to get in contact with people from all over the world, and there are a lot of ways to find a specific type of person. Whether you’re looking for a life partner, a friend, or a person for a quick and unique conversation, Tinder will easily grant your wish. Just complete a profile of yourself and wait for others to see and like you. Once you and another person like each other, you can start chatting via text or video. Tinder is free for most of its main features, although the Gold version could also be tempting.



Chatroulette will put you in contact with a stranger extremely easily and without going through the annoying process of registering an account and waiting for the confirmation link to land in your inbox.

Chatroulette allows the user to start a one on one chat using a single tap. The messages will automatically be deleted once they are sent to the other person. The IP and other connection data won’t be stored. It is inspired from the popular Omegle chat.


People interested in conversations and other things that might also interest you are everywhere, and the MeetMe app can also help you find such individuals near your own area. There are over 100 million people chatting, streaming, messaging, and making new friends on MeetMe. The app brings plenty of useful things to consider, and you can meet new people, whether through text or video calls.


Some of the apps mentioned here could also contain in-app purchases, although they’re free to use for the most part.

Studies have shown that men are more likely than women to make online friends – 61% of men compared to only 52% of women. Older teens are also more likely to make online friends than younger teens.