YouTube TV Web Client Now Lets You Control Video Playback Speed

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We have had the video playback control for YouTube for quite some time now. Now, this video playback control feature is spotted on YouTube TV.

Notably, the feature is currently available for web clients and Xbox. There are several videos that we want to watch, but in order to save time, prefer increasing the speed of the video.

Most of the audio and video streaming services, including YouTube, give this option to the user. Cut to now, YouTube TV users on the web and Xbox can also speed up a video.


Moreover, the interface for the YouTube TV video playback control is the same as that of YouTube. You can set the video speeds to 0.25, 0.5x, 1.25x, 1.5x, and 2x.

However, there is no option to set custom speeds. Do note that there is no option to control the speed of the video that is live streaming. Well, as per Android Police, this feature is also available on the YouTube TV app for Microsoft Xbox.

A Reddit post suggests that Google was experimenting the video playback control features for quite some time now. It was tested on the mobile and web client for months. Finally, it is available at least on the web client.


YouTube TV Android app is yet to get this video playback speed control feature

For what it’s worth, the YouTube TV Android app is yet to get this feature. Besides, it seems like Google is currently testing this video playback speed control feature.

This is the reason it is not available for every user at the moment. Or it could be that the rollout is going on at a slow pace.

Recently, YouTube TV gained the feature of showing movie purchases from the Google Play Store. And now, with the addition of video speed controls, YouTube TV is becoming feature-rich.


Although it is available for web clients and on Xbox, Android users will presumably get this feature in the coming weeks. Users can make use of this feature to speed up cooking videos, listen to podcasts at a quick speed, etc.

The video playback speed control on the YouTube app does not change the pitch of the video when you speed up or slow down the video. In fact, it compresses or expands the audio and video samples.

This is done in order to maintain the pitch of the audio during slow or fast playback. Similarly, if you speed up or slow down a music video, it won’t the musical key.


It will be interesting to see if the playback speed control feature on YouTube TV also does the same or not.

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