Xbox Owners Get Their First Taste Of MLB The Show This Month

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Sports games fans and Xbox owners, your time is coming as MLB The Show 21 is landing on Xbox consoles this month. The series, which has been a Sony PlayStation exclusive since it started, is finally making the jump to the Xbox platform.

This will be the first time that MLB The Show has been on Xbox in all its time being a video game franchise. Sony is not usually one to make its exclusives available on other platforms. But in the past year it’s made waves in the gaming community for confirming that some of its most beloved favorites would be crossing over to PC.

While MLB The Show may not be as critically acclaimed as Horizon Zero Dawn, it’s still big news. And it’s yet another game that Sony has agreed to share with players that own one of its consoles. More than anything else, this is a good thing for the players. Because it shows that Sony is willing to loosen the hold on some of its titles. Even if just a little bit. The bigger deal though is that the game is arriving on Game Pass.


MLB The Show 21 will be a day and date launch on Xbox Game Pass

Chances are if you only own an Xbox, you may have never played any of the MLB The Show titles. In which case it would be understandable if you weren’t keen on dropping $60 on MLB The Show 21 when it arrives later this month.

If that’s the case, you can try it at no extra charge on Xbox Game Pass on April 20. Which is the game’s launch date and when it arrives for Game Pass users. It goes without saying you will need a Game Pass subscription. So you’re not getting the game for free per se. But you do get to test it out before deciding to buy a full copy of the game.

Android users get in on the action too

Play your Xbox games on Android through the cloud? Not a problem. Because Microsoft says that MLB The Show 21 is coming to the cloud version of Game Pass as well. On the same date no less.

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So you can play the game on your Android device wherever you are as long as you’re connected to the internet. Earlier this week, Microsoft also released a bunch of backwards compatible titles for the cloud. Including older hits like Perfect Dark, Perfect Dark Zero, and Banjo-Kazooie.