Xbox Cloud Gaming Beta Hits PC And iOS On April 20

Xbox Cloud Gaming PC

Microsoft’s Cloud Gaming for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is finally coming to PC this week. After spending more than a year with Android exclusive access.

Cloud gaming via PC was shown off earlier this year back in February. Through screenshots that Microsoft shared of the continued internal testing. But other than a mostly vague description of “coming in the Spring of 2021,” no one knew when the PC version of this service was going to appear.

A new report today from Microsoft gives the official launch date. Noting that both PC and iOS will gain access to the service formerly known as xCloud at the same time.


Xbox Cloud Gaming for PC and iOS will be a limited beta

According to Microsoft, the PC and iOS versions will be in a limited beta for the time being. Not too unlike Project xCloud was for Android back when it first opened up.

Since it’s limited, that also means that only a small group of people will be able to check things out. Microsoft will begin sending out invites starting tomorrow, April 20. And will likely continue sending out invites throughout the week and going forward.

From there the company will probably send more invites out in waves as time goes on, eventually launching into an open beta where anyone can join. For now though Microsoft hasn’t given any indication as to when that could be.


If you want to b considered for the limited beta access, all you need to do is have an existing Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription. Though you’re probably more likely to have a chance at receiving an invite if your subscription has been active before today.

However that doesn’t mean there’s no chance of you getting an invite even if you’re just signing up. So you may want to give it a shot if you’re curious about trying things out. If this is your first time signing up for Game Pass Ultimate, you can still snag your first month for $1.

Access is open to all 22 countries where Xbox Game Pass is supported

Microsoft says that all 22 countries where Xbox Game Pass is supported will have the chance to receive invites. So keep your eye on those inboxes.


If you get an invite, you can play games through Edge, Chrome, or Safari web browsers on Windows 10 PC and iOS smartphones and tablets. You’ll also need a compatible Bluetooth or USB controller if you’re playing on PC, or a compatible Bluetooth controller for iOS. iOS devices can also use custom touch controls.