WhatsApp ‘Vaccines for All’ Stickers Help Users Share Vaccine Experience

WhatsApp Vaccines For All

According to Android Central WhatsApp is partnering with the WHO for the new ‘Vaccines for All’ sticker pack today. The WHO or the World Health Organization is partnering with WhatsApp to help users share their vaccine experiences. As a result, the organization is likely hoping to encourage vaccine uptake.

In 2020 WhatsApp also brought us the “Together at Home” sticker pack. This sticker pack is also a result of a partnership with the WHO. This pack was an attempt to help people continue communicating while staying home during the lockdowns.

The new vaccine pack is representative of the state of the world and the pandemic. The company expands on its work with public health organizations by saying that since the beginning of the pandemic, it’s partnered with more than 150 national, state, and local governments. More to the point with organizations like the WHO and UNICEF.


The partnership was an initiative to get COVID-19 helplines up and running so they could connect over 2 billion users to accurate information and resources. Over 3 billion messages have been sent across these global helplines in the past year.

As the pandemic enters a new phase in many countries, governments are using these helplines to connect citizens privately to accurate vaccine information and registration, in countries such as Indonesia, South Africa, Argentina, Brazil, and India. In Indonesia, 500,000 medical workers registered for their vaccine appointments on this service in its first 5 days.

 ‘Vaccines for All’ sticker pack aims to increase vaccine uptake

WhatsApp made this statement via a blog post. Aside from the sticker pack, WhatsApp has been busy this month. The news came out that the company is working on making it possible to transfer call history between iOS and Android. So finding the time to create a sticker pack encouraging the vaccine seems like a good thing.

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The vaccine can help bring the world closer to normalcy. Since the pandemic has started there has been a global chip shortage which is making it harder for companies to make their products. People are buying home technology at a high rate compared to the year before.

The world is returning to pre-pandemic normalcy. Google is beginning to let its employees return to offices around the world. All in all, WhatsApp and other companies helping bring awareness to the vaccine is aiming to help the world better place.

As small as it may seem to use a sticker pack to bring awareness to the vaccine, every bit helps. As long as WhatsApp continues doing good things like this it should all pay off. Now, only time will tell if these digital stickers will be picked up by other companies.