Verizon's Latest Offer Seems Like A Joke, But The Company Denies That

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Verizon has announced a new hard-to-believe offer, which seems more like an April Fool’s day joke than an actual offer, but the company says it’s not. The company even added the #NoJoke hashtag to its press release.

Verizon’s latest offer does seem like a joke, but the company strongly denies that

What did the company announce? Well, Verizon will allow you to trade in a cracked or water-damaged smartphone, and get up to $1,000 off its best 5G phones. There is a catch, though.

A customer that does that has to port over his existing phone number, and select Verizon’s Unlimited data plan. Even with that caveat, this still sounds like it could be a joke… but the company did deny that, which is why we’re reporting on it.


If this is real, it’s quite odd Verizon decided to start offering this deal on April 1. Verizon did say that this is a limited time offer, but it did not state until when will it be active.

Now, what makes this offer seem real, except the caveat we mentioned, is the way Verizon will give you up to $1,000. Do note that we’re talking about $1,000 credit here, so Verizon won’t exactly hand you the cash.

The “up to $1,000 credit” will actually be split between monthly invoice credits, and a $300 Verizon gift card. Based on the provided information, a cracked iPhone 8 will be valued at $1,000 when being traded in for an iPhone 12 model. The iPhone 7 will be valued at $700, for example.


The company now offers appointments to shop in its stores

Verizon now also offers appointments to shop in its stores. You can make an appointment by navigating to Verizon.com/stores. Alternatively, you can use the My Verizon app, or go to the store directly.

So, at first, Verizon’s new offer may seem like a joke for April Fool’s day. There are some caveats included, and Verizon claims this is not a joke, so… it may not be. Navigate to Verizon’s website for more information.