Verified Links Replaces The "Open With" Dialog Box In Android 12 DP3

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Google released the third developer preview for Android 12 on Wednesday, which brings a few smaller changes to the newest version of Android. Of course, the biggest changes will come with the first beta, next month. But Google is bringing in Verified Links, which is aiming to replace that “Open With” dialog box that we see quite a bit now.

Verified Links will also make it easier to open the app that the links are associated with. As there’s one less step in the process, and should keep from opening the browser and then the app.

Basically, each app will now have a list of verified links that an app is able to open. And you can see these in the app info page. For example, the Amazon app has about 39 different verified links. One for each country-specific Amazon store. Like amazon.jp, amazon.co.uk, etc.


If you do not want the app to open these links by default, you can disable the behavior in the new “open supported links” toggle, which is available app information page. Within the settings.

Why is Google making this change?

Android’s VP of Engineering, Dave Burke mentioned in a blog post that “we’re making some changes to help users get to their content faster and more seamlessly.” And this is one of those changes. Burke and the team is looking to make things a lot easier for users, and make things simpler as well. Instead of just changing things for the sake of changing things.

Fortunately, if Android does not automatically add all of the verified links for a particular app, users are able to manually add them in the app’s settings. Just click on the “add link” option. Which is located below the “open supported links” toggle. The option is currently grayed out, but should be available once the stable version of Android 12 comes out in the fall.


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