If You Play Valorant You're Going To Want An NVIDIA GPU


Earlier this month NVIDIA announced that there would be some more improvements coming for Valorant players who use an NVIDIA GPU. These improvements are part of the Reflex feature, which Valorant already supported.

The update to Reflex for Valorant (called Boost Mode) includes nifty enhancements that could very well make or break your matches. NVIDIA says these will also be applied to Fortnite. The update, which should already be live for players, is aimed at reducing the latency. And any less latency you have to deal with during your gaming sessions is bound to help. After all, latency is the enemy of fast reaction times.

Valorant players with an NVIDIA GPU should see up to a 15% latency reduction

While NVIDIA isn’t promising anything like huge improvements to graphics, lower latency is still important.


NVIDIA says that players with Reflex turned on and Boost Mode enabled can see a latency reduction of up to 15%. Fortnite players can see a reduction of up to 16%. That isn’t going to be a massive decrease. But it may be just enough to give you the edge that you need.

Which is enough of a reason to want an NVIDIA GPU if you don’t already use one. Or, to upgrade if you’re still using an older card. That is, if you find it possible to locate and purchase one. Shortages in stock have made it next to impossible to buy one of NVIDIA’s 30-series GPUs.

But if you have been lucky enough to snag one and you play Valorant or Fortnite, expect to see these boosts when you turn the Reflex feature on.


Ghostrunner is also getting NVIDIA Reflex soon

If you’ve not played Ghostrunner yet, you’re missing out. It’s a wild ride with all the fast-paced combat and it’s only going to get better with NVIDIA Reflex. You can see how Ghostrunner looks with just RTX On in the video above, so you get a feel of what to expect when Reflex arrives.

And if you thought the game was awesome before, just wait till it gets the NVIDIA Reflex support. NVIDIA doesn’t mention exactly when the support would go live. But its announcement is from April 6 and in that announcement it said the feature would be going live in the near future.

So players should be on the lookout for it. NVIDIA also recently launched Reflex for Overwatch. Blizzard’s popular competitive first-person shooter. NVIDIA says the inclusion of this feature support should help reduce system latency by up to a whopping 50%.