Users Prompted To "Connect SimpliSafe" In Google Home Due To Error

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According to 9to5Google, some users are being prompted to “Connect SimpliSafe” by Google Home. Google likes to make setting up their devices truly easy. So simple that anyone can do it. The Google Home app is one way of doing this. From the Google Home app, a user can connect a plethora of home devices.

However, an error seen today April 1 is promoting users to “Connect Simplisafe“. Above the row of quick actions of the Google Home App Google sometimes shows a carousel of suggestions. These suggestions are actions to set up first-party functionality like Google Duo, invite home members, etc.

Third-party integrations are also included in these suggestions. These integrations include things like media streaming services. Following Google Home’s 2.35 update on March 31, 2021, some users are being prompted to “Connect SimpliSafe”.


Now, this would be fine, if these users actually had any of these devices in their house. It would even be acceptable if the users were near any devices, but nope not even that is true. SimpliSafe supplies home security systems, cameras, doorbells, and sensors such as motion, temperature, etc.

Some users are being prompted to “Connect SimpliSafe”. Even if they don’t have one

When a user taps the prompt a webpage opens to sign into that third-party account. However, simply tapping the x will remove the prompt altogether. The situation is a tad bit bizarre considering it is being pushed to more than a handful of people.

9to5Google says that they have seen the prompt on iOS, but not on the Android app. If you are seeing the prompt and do not own any of the company’s devices just simply tap the x to remove it. Besides this odd situation, Google has been on the roll with its support of home tech.

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Recently the search giant made it where smart doorbells could easily access Google Assistant for more flexibility. The company is also introducing new features to its Nest Hub family. They recently received a pretty substantial update, and even the Google Home speakers are getting new connect sound.

Since the pandemic the home technology market has been booming. People have been things such as smart doorbells, smart speakers, smart TV, and more to make staying home more enjoyable. Capitalizing off of this boom the company also released a new Nest Hub recently.

So even with this odd error, Google is having a solid go at it of the home-connected devices. Besides this seems like a simple error to fix.