Users Can Transfer Posts From Facebook Via Its Data Transfer Tool

Facebook DG AH 2020

Users can now transfer posts from Facebook to Google Docs and WordPress according to Engadget. Facebook’s data transfer tool will now help users to move their posts around, and not just the media attached to them. The social media platform is expanding what the tool can do.

Users will be able to export notes and posts to Google Docs,  Blogger, and WordPress now. This is good because users’ will now have more control over their own data and thoughts. For instance, if you wrote a nice post on Facebook it will now be easier to add it to your WordPress blog.

As usual, Facebook will ask you to re-enter your password to verify it is you. The platform will then encrypt your content during the process to make sure it stays safe. If you go in the settings through “Your Facebook Information” you can find the tool that will let you do this.


Facebook does have an ulterior motive for this benevolence. The move builds on the concept of data portability. This will help Facebook to “advance conversations” with governments, developers, etc. Facebook wants to make itself look good when it comes to data and privacy. This move could help.

Facebook is aiming to provide clarity. It is in a situation where its own guidelines following data and privacy are becoming questioned more. It is having a battle with Apple in which transparency is the central subject.

Transfer posts from Facebook to back them up or use them elsewhere

By getting ahead of data accessibility it could help the company to better position itself when legislation surrounding data access comes. Facebook makes its money from selling advertisement data related to its users to advertisers.


These advertisers are able to then use the information to better sell their services and products to users. However, privacy and data safety is becoming more of a main focus for the end consumers. As a result, companies are making sure that transparency is something they offer.

Facebook has been in the middle of data leaks that saw millions of users’ information get leaked. These leaks put Facebook in hot water. The company’s privacy guidelines have been scrutinized before, and even has WhatsApp in the crosshairs.

Despite all of this, Facebook has remained a very popular social media platform. It is ingrained in many users’ lives which makes it hard to just cut it out. However, the company does find itself in a position where either they must adapt or find themselves facing more issues.