To No One's Surprise, US Teens Prefer iPhones Over Android Phones

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Based on a new poll issued by the Piper Sandler survey, US teens prefer iPhones over Android phones. That’s not exactly surprising, as Apple is by far most popular in the US, and many would say it’s a status symbol as well.

Teens in the US prefer iPhones over Android phones, and it’s not even close

Teenagers do prefer branded things, and Apple is considered to be a premium brand in the smartphone world. Now, based on the aforementioned survey 88-percent of teens in the US are using an iPhone.

That data is coming from 7,000 teens who were polled by the semi-annual Piper Sandler survey. What’s also interesting, is that 90-percent of teens actually say that their next phone will be an iPhone.


The poll points out that this is an all-time high. The numbers were never this high in one of these polls, which would suggest US teens prefer iPhones now even more than they did in the past.

Once again, this is not surprising at all. Based on a report by Counterpoint Research, one in every two smartphones sold in the US in 2020 was an iPhone. Why is that, though?

iMessage is one of the reasons why

Well, Apple has its ecosystem that is extremely powerful in the US. Many people are dependent on iMessage, which is only available on Apple products. That’s only one of the reasons, of course. Another one is the status symbol effect that we’ve mentioned.


Will things change in the future? Well, we’ll see. For now, though, Apple’s iPhones are still far more desired in the US, and it seems like that’s especially the case with teenagers.

It will be interesting to see how will things change now that LG is quitting the smartphone business. Not that LG had a huge market share in the US, but those users need to jump ship to some other brand.

One would assume that most of them will go to Android, presumably Samsung. It remains to be seen, though. LG’s departure may not change things much, but it will affect the market one way or the other.