Setting Up Ubisoft+ On Stadia Just Got A Whole Lot Easier

Stadia Ubisoft

This week Google made it even easier to get setup with Ubisoft+ on Stadia. By letting users sign up for the Ubisoft+ service right from inside the Stadia app.

Ubisoft+ has been available to users through Google’s cloud gaming platform since last December. But you had to sign up through the web at the Ubisoft+ website. Where you were required to link your Stadia account. That’s all well and good as the process wasn’t exactly a difficult one.

But it might be a little more challenging for people on the go. Not impossible, since you could still bring up that webpage from your phone’s browser, but through the app is without a doubt a simpler process.


The Stadia app now properly labels Ubisoft+ titles

While signing up in the app is now an easy and painless process, so is finding your Ubisoft+ games. Before, if you had Ubisoft+ you just had to keep track of which games were included. Then find them in your library.

Now though, all Ubisoft+ titles are properly labeled. If it’s part of Ubisoft+ it will have a blue Ubisoft+ badge on the thumbnail image. Just like your Stadia Pro titles. Now you don’t have to scroll through and carefully look for everything.

This might be a minor change, but it’s also a quality of life change. And one that surprisingly wasn’t implemented from the beginning. If you’ve never set up Ubisoft+ before, a banner message should be the first thing you see when you open the Stadia app.


There will be a button that says see more details and tapping that will take you to the next step in getting signed up for access. Keep in mind that Ubisoft+ is not free, and will cost you an additional $14.99 a month. But for that you get unlimited access to a wide collection of Ubisoft titles and you can play them for as long as you have an active subscription.

You don’t need Stadia Pro

You can have both Stadia Pro and Ubisoft+ subscriptions. As one won’t negate the other. But you don’t need to have both. You can subscribe to just Ubisoft+ if you want to at any point.

If for instance you’re done with all you Pro titles, you could cut Pro off for a month or two while you play some of the Ubisoft+ titles. That way you save a little bit of money. Then you can always switch back.