Twitter Is Working On A Tipping Option For Creators

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Twitter is reportedly preparing to roll out a tipping feature. With this feature, users can leave a tip to their favorite creators.

The news about adding a tipping feature to Twitter has been circulating for months, but it seems that the tipping on Twitter is one step closer to launch. Recently, a tipster has shared a screenshot that shows a new icon and menu for tipping.

According to Jane Manchun Wong, the new feature is called “Tip Jar,” and it’s integrated with payment services like Cash App, Venmo, PayPal, and Patreon. The Tip Jar will also be available to Twitter Spaces, and users can make money by creating meaningful content for audiences.


Tip Jar on twitter

The tipping feature is still in development, and the launch date is unknown yet. Moreover, we still don’t know what qualifications needed to receive a tipping option on the profile. Twitter may limit it to users with a specific engagement rate or followers number.

Twitter wants to allow users to make money by Tip Jar

Allowing users to make money on Twitter will help the platform to encourage users to create meaningful and engaging content. However, the procedure is still vague, and we need to wait for more announcements from the company.


Twitter has been through serious changes in recent months, and managers are making fundamental changes to the business model. Dates back to February, Bloomberg reported that Twitter wants to switch to a subscription model of business. This way, Twitter can reduce its reliance on advertising revenues.

Actually, tipping was a part of this subscription program. So Twitter may decide to make tipping available to users who pay the subscription fee.

Moreover, Twitter has recently announced its plans for an exclusive content program called “Super Follow.” This way, creators will have the ability to make their content available to a certain group of people who paid for them.


Twitter is not the only platform that wants to allow its users to make money. The clubhouse also launched its Direct Payment feature on April 5th. It is similar to tipping on Twitter as listeners can directly pay to the creators.