TikTok Automatic Captions Coming Soon Bringing More Accessibility

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TikTok automatic captions are on the way according to Engadget. This will definitely help to make the app more accessible for users. The addition of automatic captions will allow video-makers to automatically generate subtitles for their clips. This will make it easier for those with hearing impairments to enjoy viral clips.

TikTok users had to type their captions out manually before this. That process is time-consuming and takes away content creators’ creation time. However, with the new auto-captions, the process will now be done automatically. This will definitely save content creators a lot of time.

Now, the upcoming feature does not take all control away from creators. The creators can still fine-tune and edit the text after the fact in case adjustments need to be made. Viewers will also be able to disable the subtitles if it is too distracting to them.


TikTok says that the captions are the latest accessibility feature to be added in the last few months. Again, automatic captions can definitely improve the experience for any users who have hearing challenges.

TikTok automatic captions are on the way

It is nice to see TikTok bringing more accessibility to their platform. The platform is continuing to grow in popularity, so making it easier for more users to enjoy it makes sense. Despite the company bringing this feature to the platform, it is up to the video creators to activate it.

If a video creator decides to not enable the automatic captions then a video will not have them. However, it may be some time before the feature becomes widely adopted. In order to help speed the adoption rate up TikTok is trying to encourage creators to use it.


The automatic captions will be available in English and Japanese from the get-go. More languages will roll out in the “coming months.” TikTok is a little bit behind Instagram in regards to automatic captions. Instagram has had the feature for some time now.

However, Instagram recently came out with its Remix feature which is a copy of TikTok’s Duet feature. The two are going back and forth with each other in terms of features. Instagram is trying to retain its social media crown, but TikTok is gunning for it.

After the year TikTok had last year with possibly being banned and being forced to be sold it may be able to hit its stride in 2021. The pandemic is still going on. As a result, a lot of people are still staying in their houses so social media is still a great time killer. However, with the world opening up more creators will be able to create a lot more TikTok videos.