The Walking Dead Is Getting Another Mobile Game Next Week

The Walking Dead Survivors

The Walking Dead is a large franchise that spans many forms of media, including mobile games, with a new one on the way called The Walking Dead: Survivors. In fact on the way is a bit of an understatement.

Because the game is launching in a matter of days. On April 6, the game’s publisher, Elex, announced the release date of The Walking Dead: Survivors along with some new artwork and details. It’ll be launching next week for both Android and iOS devices, and it seems players are a little bit excited to get their hands on it.

Elex says that over 1.5 million people have pre-registered to play. Which is a pretty fair amount. And those that pre-registered will get the opportunity to play the game very soon. There should also be some rewards for those that pre-registered, as there usually is.


The Walking Dead: Survivors launches on April 12

It’ll still be a few days before you can play the new Walking Dead mobile title, but if you are eager for its release, it’s arriving on April 12. So about 5 days from now.

Elex and Skybound (the game’s developer) are hailing this as a strategy game. And judging by the screenshots it looks like there will be a good amount of strategy elements included. There will also be more than 80 characters in the game, all coming from the iconic comics that the franchise started from.

So if you’re a fan of the franchise, it seems there’s likely to be some fan service there. Though that doesn’t necessarily mean the game will be enjoyable. It will be however be free, so it won’t cost you anything to check it out and see if you do enjoy playing it.

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Explore the area around your settlement and create or join clans

It sounds like the game will have quite a bit for players to do. Including exploring the area around your settlements to scavenge for useful items or scan for impending threats.

Speaking of threats, walkers aren’t your only worry. You’ll have to deal with hostile players, too. As such, you can set up clans to form alliances with other players. You will also need to farm, gather supplies and more. All in the act of building up your settlement.

It sounds like exploring is also one of the ways you can come across new heroes. Which could be any of the 80+ characters from the franchise that were mentioned earlier.


If you’re interested in pre-registering, you can access the game on Google Play.