Sink Your Teeth Into The Walking Dead: Survivors Starting Today

The Walking Dead Survivors

Earlier this month the release date for The Walking Dead: Survivors was announced, and that date was today, April 12. The game went live on the Play Store earlier this morning and is currently available for players in the US and other regions.

This is a free-to-play title, so players can expect a wide array of micro transactions. Both meant to fuel the game’s profitability and fund further development. As this will also be an ongoing mobile game that gets periodic content updates.

The release of The Walking Dead: Survivors signals the most recent of more than a few different games based on the franchise. The first of which landed on mobile devices years ago through the Telltale Games series.


The Walking Dead: Survivors release is already doing well

The game may have just released today, but it’s already doing pretty well for a day one launch. At least in regards to mobile games.

Over on the Play Store it has over one million downloads. And with that number it’s maintained a 4.7 star rating. Out of those all those installs, there are nearly 4,000 reviews at the time of writing. And many of those are accompanied by four and five stars.

Suffice it to say players seem to be happy with the game so far. Will the game able to keep that rating over time and will players stay happy with it? Tough to say, but it’s already off to a good start.


Worth keeping in mind that a bunch of those installs will have come from pre-registrations. And it’s likely that many of the people who have installed the game haven’t played it yet. So the rating could certainly change significantly over the next few days. Nevertheless, a good rating is a good rating and the reviews from users seem consistently high for the time being.

Expect a lot of down time

A big thing to remember with a lot of games like this one is that there’s going to be a lot of waiting. As a strategy game you’ll need to build up defenses of your base to keep the zombies and other players out.

And to do that you’ll need resources. Which you have to scavenge for yourself. Doing this, as well as building up parts of your base, will take time. And as you progress through the game and level up, those wait timers are going to get longer and longer.


So players should expect a lot of downtime. Unless they’re willing to spend money on premium in-game currency to speed things up.