The OnePlus Nord LE Is The Only One Of Its Kind & You Can Get It Free

OnePlus Nord LE

Unfortunately, the OnePlus Nord SE is still not coming to market. That dream is completely dead. However, there is an Oneplus Nord LE you can get for free. According to Android Central, only one unit of the OnePlus Nord LE will be made.

The OnePlus Nord is hands down still one of the best cheap Android phones. However, it is not available officially in North America, but you can import it. Despite this OnePlus has sold millions of its budget OnePlus device.

Now, despite the Special Edition being canned, there is a way to get your hands on a different variant of the normal OnePlus Nord. Via its forums, OnePlus revealed the existence of the Nord LE. The specs for the device are the same as the normal OnePlus Nord. But, as with various editions of phones, there is a unique design.


The OnePlus Nord LE edition will have a gradient effect that transitions from orange to green. As mentioned there will be only one Nord LE made. According to OnePlus the LE actually stands for “Literally Only One Edition.” Only OnePlus would come up with something so unique.

OnePlus Nord LE will literally be the only one ever made

The OnePlus Nord LE is exactly the same phone as OnePlus Nord in Blue Marble, Gray Onyx, and Gray Ash – it has the same 90 Hz Fluid AMOLED display, cameras, Warp Charge 30T, the list goes on.

Where it differs however is with its color and finish – the OnePlus Nord LE features a gradient that smoothly transitions from orange to green. Oh, and the device also has a smooth finish, as opposed to the glossy finish you’ll find on the OnePlus Nord in Blue Marble or Gray Onyx.

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So, you may be asking how you can get your hands on the “Literally Only One Edition.” Will you have to hope and pray you to get an invitation to purchase it? Nope, it is easier than that. First, go follow @oneplus.nord on Instagram. After that, just take a picture of your current phone and post it on your Instagram feed.

From there just make a caption describing why you want to upgrade to the OnePlus Nord. And make sure you do not forget the all-important #SwitchToNord hashtag in your caption. If you do forget that you will be sad.

To get the full details OnePlus Nord’s official IG account will have them all. For anyone who has to be the only one who owns something then do not delay. Because if you win this you will literally be the only person on the planet with this phone. Good luck to all of you.