The Google Lens Web Feature Lands Google Photos

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Google Lens has been having a bit of trouble enticing smartphone users across the world. Regardless of this fact, Google is still supporting the service and implementing it into more of its ecosystem of products. According to Android Police, a Google Lens web feature has landed on Google Photos

This Google Lens web feature will make copying text from documents easier

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is being ported over to the web. It was first present in the mobile version of the Google Photos app. Basically, it’s a tool to scan the image for any text present and copy it so it can be pasted and edited on your phone.

The feature is present on Google Photos for the web. The option should be available along the top of the screen when you click on a picture. The option will be called “Copy text from image.” From there, the text should be copied to your clipboard. This makes the process of moving text from your phone to a computer much quicker.


The feature is still being rolled out, so there will be people who don’t see the option just yet. There’s no word on any other Google Lens features that the company plans to move over. This feature should prove to be a boon to those who keep most of their documents stored on Google Photos as it will streamline the process of moving information from their pictures to their computers.

Google Lens is a powerful photo recognition technology developed back in 2017

For those who are unfamiliar with what Google Lens is, it’s a powerful photo recognition technology that Google unveiled at Google IO back in 2017. Like most of Google’s electronic services, it uses the company’s massive reservoir of user data collected from its users.

One feature of Google Lens is the ability to conduct a Google search on what subjects are in your shot. Point your camera at a certain type of item, or food, or animal, and Google Lens will give you information on it. Either use your phone camera or use a pre-existing image present on your phone.


Google Lens also lets you recognize and copy text that you see in your camera. The app lets you actively select and copy the text in your view-finder. It’s a very useful feature if you need to copy a large document that’s in print form or quickly jot down a street name on the fly.

One of the more robust features of Google Lens is the ability to translate text on the fly. The app will automatically translate text if it detects that it’s in a different language. It’s surprisingly snappy.

Hopefully, more features will make their way to Google Lens for the web. The Google Photos app could definitely benefit from features like translation and image search.