The Free 5G Phone Upgrade From T-Mobile Gives You A Free 5G Phone

T Mobile Nationwide 5G Map

Are you in need of a new phone? Well, Android Authority is reporting that T-Mobile’s “The Free 5G Phone Upgrade” will give users a Galaxy A32 5G  for free. T-Mobile hosted its new Uncarrier event today April 7, 2021. Of course, as 5G is a big push for all carriers, this event focused around 5G.

The company is giving users a chance to get a free 5G phone by trading in any working phone. The promotion starts April 18 and will run through to the end of 2021. It is a simple process too. First, bring your working phone to your closest T-Mobile store. Then the reps will give you a Samsung Galaxy A32 5G.

As the year goes on its is a possibility that the free phone may change. However, the promotion will not. T-Mobile will accept any working phone of any kind from any year. This deal is almost too good to be true, but it is true.


Of course, customers will have to sign up for postpaid service. Once you get the free phone you will have to keep the service for two years. If you do not keep your service for two years you will have to pay for the phone.

The Free 5G Phone Upgrade will give you a free 5G phone

Unlike some promotions, this one applies to current customers too. That means existing customers do not have to feel left out. As a result, existing customers can bring in any 4G-only phone, and get their free Galaxy A32 5G. That is not a bad deal.

T-Mobile made a second announcement though. Its “The Great Unlimited 5G Trade-Up” is a promotion to offer current AT&T and T-Mobile customers who do not have access to 5G. It also applies to those customers who have limited access to 5G.


This new plan allows those customers to switch to T-Mobile and get an unlimited data plan – including 5G access. In addition, they will get the plan for the same or better price they are already paying. There are a few caveats.

Users can only have up to six lines which is still a lot of lines. Of course, customers will have to also prove what they currently are paying at ATT&T or Verizon. This is simple to do. The customer only has to bring in a recent bill and that will take care of things.

Customers have two weeks to prove what they are paying after signing up. Although, you have a grace period it will benefit you to do it sooner rather than later. If you go past your two-week period your plan will be changed to the Essentials plan. This plan costs $26 per line for a four-line account.


April 18 is when customers will be able to take advantage of “The Great Unlimited 5G Trade-Up as well. It also will last all the way through 2021.