T-Mobile’s 5G Home Internet Service Is Here And Covers 30 Million Homes

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Of course, T-Mobile wouldn’t rest on its laurels after being named the nation’s most reliable 5G network. According to The Verge, T-Mobile’s 5G home internet service is here. After a long test period, the service is finally here today April 7, 2021. T-Mobile broke the news on its next Uncarrier initiative.

The next move will cover 30 million homes that are eligible for service. Of those 30 million homes, 10 million of those are in rural areas. A lot of times rural homes can be left out, so T-Mobile is doing its best to try and keep those areas as connected as it can.

The new service will run $60 per month, but that is with autopay. Without autopay, the service will cost $65 dollars which is actually $10 more per month than when the test period started. Although, the service has no data caps. That is always good news, especially when some companies do not offer this.


There are also no hardware rental fees or annual contracts, and customers do self-installation of their equipment. T-Mobile notes that most customers experience speeds of 100Mps. But all customers should see an average speed of 50Mbps.

T-Mobile’s 5G home internet service is finally here

The service will use either 4G or 5G depending on your coverage area. The service will also take into account which is faster between 4G and 5G. As with most things, there is a caveat. Home internet users are subject to data slowdowns during network congestion.

T-Mobile’s home 5G internet plans go back to 2019. The plans to build this service used the acquisition of Sprint. T-Mobile also used this service to argue its case to the Federal Communications Commission. According to T-Mobile. Acquiring Sprint would be a necessary step to offer high-speed in-home internet.


This service will give customers an alternative to dominant ISPs and brings faster internet to underserved rural areas. The testing phase only invited 50,000 households. That number doubled to 100,000 last month.

Recently, T-Mobile shared the news that it has the nation’s most reliable 5G network. With that in mind, the company’s in-home service should be perfectly positioned to succeed. An independent study confirms that T-Mobile has the fastest, most reliable network, which has the most coverage.

So, this news of the in-home internet comes at the perfect time. The only unfortunate news T-Mobile has had lately is with DISH. The two companies are going at it over promises that T-Mobile made to DISH based on network access. Other than that T-Mobile seems to be riding high with good news.